Group Exhibition “Environment” @ Bottega Gallery

19/12/2009 – Press-release from Bottega Gallery:


Participants: Tyberiy Silvashi, Volodymyr Budnikov, Vlada Ralko, Vasyl Bazhai, Andriy Bludov, Volodymyra Hankevych, Olena Turyanska, Glib Vysheslavsky.

Environment is the sphere where human beings exist, which influences their maturing beginning from the childhood, which affects them whether consciously or unconsciously during the whole lifetime, and due to which people identify themselves in the specific cultural surroundings. As well as this is a space, which can be influenced by the human being primarily through his or her creativity.

Environment is the area where the human being can constantly be found – beginning from the surrounding social and cultural conditions or informational world, up to the building where he or she lives, and objects that are around.

Environment is the open space for the information exchange, exchange of ideas and experience for those who accept the complex of conditions dictated by the contemporary art.

Eight different artists – eight personal environments, where each of them possesses his own art philosophy, are united by the specific environment of the Ukrainian contemporary art in the space of Bottega Gallery.

Project Environment at Bottega Gallery
Project Environment at Bottega Gallery

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