Project B-2 @ Bottega Gallery

19/02/2010 – Press-release from Bottega gallery.

“B-2” Project. Painting is a quintessence of Vasyl Bazhaj’s nonfigurative method, logical continuation of the search that figurative and plastic language, which he looks for so unremittingly, experimenting with a form, space and color. Stylistically the exhibition could be divided into three parts which in any case expose us the creative handwriting of the artist. Продовжувати читання Project B-2 @ Bottega Gallery

Group Exhibition “Environment” @ Bottega Gallery

19/12/2009 – Press-release from Bottega Gallery:


Participants: Tyberiy Silvashi, Volodymyr Budnikov, Vlada Ralko, Vasyl Bazhai, Andriy Bludov, Volodymyra Hankevych, Olena Turyanska, Glib Vysheslavsky.

Environment is the sphere where human beings exist, which influences their maturing beginning from the childhood, which affects them whether consciously or unconsciously during the whole lifetime, and due to which people identify themselves in the specific cultural surroundings. As well as this is a space, which can be influenced by the human being primarily through his or her creativity. Продовжувати читання Group Exhibition “Environment” @ Bottega Gallery

Project “Paganini” at Bottega Gallery

03/07/2009,  Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, UKRAINE

The intensive crescendo of the violin part was sounding in the studio, and the mind was reacting actively on the sound formations and passages, organizing its code with the key word “Paganini”. That is how I imagined to myself what has induced Vasyl Bazhay to start his new art cycle. The astonishment was endless. Twinkling spaces, expressive dab and abstract-figurative composition of the last works were changed by majestic areas with well-defined outlines of colour-saturated forms. Продовжувати читання Project “Paganini” at Bottega Gallery

Project “REX” at “Dzyga” Gallery

April 21 – May 3, 2009
Gallery “Dzyga”.

Vasyl Bazhaj. Project “Rex”
/painting, installation/

Vasyl’ Bazhaj is considered to be /without exaggeration/ the most expressive artist in painting plastics. He is primarily a painter and “clear” abstractionist, fully immersed in the elements of color and shape. The artist for a relatively short time has expressed himself as a leader & classic in the field of installations and “ready-made” objects, but the last few years has focused himself exclusively on painting. Read more in Ukrainian.