Project B-2 @ Bottega Gallery

19/02/2010 – Press-release from Bottega gallery.

“B-2” Project. Painting is a quintessence of Vasyl Bazhaj’s nonfigurative method, logical continuation of the search that figurative and plastic language, which he looks for so unremittingly, experimenting with a form, space and color. Stylistically the exhibition could be divided into three parts which in any case expose us the creative handwriting of the artist.

From the one side we can see traditional for the artist “canvases-structures” in which the form and the space deconstruct in a free picturesque background, specific art “quantum” field’s theory, where a stroke and invoice of oil paint radiate the waves of the Painting’s clean idea. For the first time Bazhaj represented this “extract” of non-figurativeness on the exhibition devoted opening of International Festival of modern classic music “Contrasts” in 1995 year. At that time deconstruction of the image and its interpretation as some quasi-dimensional method of creation organically interlaced with John Cage`s works. The structure in music and painting is its differentiation to the pieces from the least phrase to the longest sentence. The form is the content, and the method is a management of the integrity note after note and stroke after stroke. The material of the music is a sound and a quiet, the material of painting is an invoice and a color. Composition of “canvases-structures” is the integration of everything mentioned above.

From the other side we can see also traditional for the artist crescendo of the form and the plane as the non-figurative method to create allusions to imaginary spatialness and pseudo-figurativeness. For Bazhaj the problem of the form and picturesque material always was extraordinarily important. The artist found original universal principle of orderliness of the form’s motion and process of the non-narrative material’s development (geometrical forms, color contrasts, protoperspective planes etc.). They are rhythmic structures which create proportional compositions.

At the end of the last year Bazhaj found a new interpretation of the figurative material. Experiments with non-figurative space and plane, and also “quantum” basis of invoice of artist’s painting organized in the original rhythmic structure, as principle of per se form and crystallized in a new method.

A number has a symbolic, composite and technical value for Vasyl Bazhaj. In artist’s creation numerical rows became an organizing element, which identically befits both for picturesque planes and invoices and for performances. The saturation of Bazhaj`s painting foresees the own height of sounding, timbre and invoice’s slowness, and also silence of contra-form. In this case the artist approaches the “rhythm -structure”. Composite improvisation foresees ornamental development of the visual row and gradual exposure of the form due to gradual motion from the first to the last stroke.

It is felt he finally found that figurative and plastic language which he was searching so persistently. But did he find? Oh.. probably not yet … because the search is more important for him than achieving some certain level…

Roman Hankevych

Images from Opening
Paintings from the exhibition